The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 314

Ranged Weapon (Skill) Disastrous Failure Table Lose d10 Skill Points as you start to question just how you handle your weapon and roll on the following table. Applicable skills include Firearms, Heavy Weapons, as well as Bow and Crossbow. d10 Result 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Description Reload. You forgot to put ammunition in your weapon. Psychic interference. Weapon heats up and is too hot to hold. Oops. Butterfingers! Weapon drops to the ground and goes off. 50% chance it hits another character or NPC. Weapon jams! No shot this round and use an additional round to free the jam. Weapon mishandled, and recoil knocks you back. Causing embarrassment and auto-miss. Weapon fires but misses and ricochets, hitting something mechanical in the area. Just not your day. While trying to take a shot you dislocate a finger, -1 Dexterity until fixed. Psychic interference. Weapon fires and misses. Shot sound is amplified 20x. Those nearby must save at 50% chance of bei [Y \\X\[܈ L[˂X\ۈ\\]Z\\[X]][[[[Y]][KXX[\\[K[\\][][[ZY XZ\H]Y]HBX\ۋ\X[ [ H\\\Z[\HXBH L[[\[H[X^XH[\X\]YH\]Y[ۈB[XK\XXH[[YH]]X]\][ZYق[ X[\[\[\YY܈Y[YHX\ۈX] L\[BBŽBL\ܚ\[ۂوۙY[K\Z\[Y][ۘ[[\ܛH\[H]\H[YY XX[\\[KY[[\ˈ[˂\ ۈ[\^H\ܛH\[[H[XHۈ[ؚX܈[\ۈY] ZH[Y][ۘ[[Xݙ\܈X[]H]X][ۘ[ۜ\]Y[\ق[[˂YܛK[H\ܛH\X\[[Y][\[H\Z\[܈^Y][ۋZ\[ݙ\ܜX Z[Y[ XX[\\[K\ܚY[][ۈ[\[^[Z]Y\˂X[ۈ\ܛYY ][X\]Y Y\\HX] [ܚY[YX\][ۂ\]\YH[[^HX[ۋZ\]\\\X\XYH^Y\[[[ L HX[ۈX[[Xݙ\KZ\[\[\^Y\\X\[[XHHܛ[ ]Y [XK[Z\]]Y[X\H[\K[^\X[ۈۙB[ YH M