The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 312

Appendix 8: Supplemental Tables The following supplemental tables detail aspects of gameplay not covered elsewhere. Material Hardness To avoid a detailed treatise on materials science the following is provided to focus on those elements important to gameplay, i.e. barrier penetration, such as a wall, and item destruction. Effective Armor Rating is applied when the item/material is acting as some form of barrier. For example, a window or wooden door, when someone is trying to shoot through it. Destruction Damage is the amount of physical damage required to destroy the integrity of the item/material. For example, shatter a glass vial, or break a stone statue. Material Hardness Rating A B C D E Examples Paper, Glass Leather, Soft Metals Wood, Plastics Stone Hard Metals Effective Armor Rating 0 2 3 5 6 Destruction Damage Any 20 60 100 200 Page 312