The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 307

Appendix 5: Drugs and Poisons Drugs and Poisons are split into 5 classes based on their effects: Class I - includes alcohol and other recreational substances. When imbibed, injected, or inhaled they result in various forms of mental disorientation. Characters must roll d10 to determine how “badly” they are affected, with the result translated into a Success chance penalty od d10 x 10%. So, if a character rolls a 3 then they would suffer a -30% penalty. Class II - includes tranquilizers and other anesthetics which render the subject unconscious. Type A B Example Time to Act d10 rounds d10 rounds Duration d10 minutes 10 hours Class III - substances, most particularly poisons, that cause physical health point damage which if not fatal can be healed. Type A B C D Example Time to Act 1 round 1 round d10 rounds d10 hours Damage/Time d10 points per round 10 points per round 1 point per round d10 per hour Duration 10 rounds d10 rounds 10 minutes (60 rounds) 10 hours Class IV - substances, such as toxic solvents, that can cause permanent mental damage with continued exposure. Type A B Example Time of Exposure 1 hour d10 hours Effect Loss of 1 Intellect Loss of 1 to ALL Mental attributes Class V - stimulants and other performance enhancing drugs, as well as antidotes, that all have a positive effect. Type A Example Adrenaline Time to Act Instant Duration d10 minutes Effect +1 Strength Page 307