The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 301

However, other factors such as ammunition type and/or rate of fire affect overall damage. So in this example of a standard Colt using standard ammunition, represented as A0, and standard semi-automatic operation, represented as R1, then the Base Damage Profile (BaseDP) is MM/A0/R1. Use of high-damage overpressure ammunition would cause +1 in damage to each d10, and the Colt’s DP becomes MM/A1/R1. With further modification to fully automatic operation, as has been done by San Antonio gunsmith Hyman S. Lehman, then the increased rate of fire is now represented as R2. In other words, double the damage of the standard firing Colt. The Colt’s DP becomes MM/A1/R2. In such a case the modified Colt using overpressure ammunition at medium range would have damage potential = (2 d10+1) x 2; rolling 5 and 4 would therefore cause 22 points of damage. A list of standard firearms organized by BaseDP: Range Belt Buckle Knife n d10 Brass Knuckles Low Straight Razor Switchblade Whip Point Blank Short n=1 n=0 Medium Long eXtreme Long eXtreme Long eXtreme Moderate Damage Potential High Truncheon eXtreme Range Fairbairn-Sykes Commando Dagger n d10 KA-BAR Combat Knife Wakizashi Tantō Point Blank Short Medium n=2 (n=1)-5 n=0 Low Damage Potential (Ice) Axe Moderate High eXtreme Range n d10 Scottish Basket- hilted Broadsword Cleaver Short Medium Low Katana Sword Cane Point Blank Damage Potential Moderate High n=3 eXtreme Page 301