The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 297

Singing (Recreational) Simply to entertain or perhaps to provide the all-important distraction while the rest of your team works the plan. Sleight of Hand (Tradecraft) Clever feats of prestidigitation to make substitutions without notice; perhaps the winning card in a game of poker. Or maybe just a “coin walk” to show off. Benefits from Deft Digits (Reaper). Dexterity 7 8 9 10 Bonus +5%  +10% +20% +30% Sprinting (Athletic) Over short distances (100 yards or less) you can outrun an adversary or catch a fleeing victim. Proficiency Novice Amateur Professional Expert Increase Increase Increase Increase Ability run speed run speed run speed run speed by by by by 10%  20% 30% 50% Stealth (Tradecraft) Characters with this skill are adept at moving quietly and remaining inconspicuous. They have a heighted sense of situational awareness that allows them to use environment, clothing, and lighting to their best advantage in remaining unnoticed and potentially gain surprise. It should be noted that those with high Perception are more likely to notice any such surreptitious activity. Using Stealth can provide a bonus (Amateur 5%, Professional 10% and expert 15%) to Surveillance when it involves tailing a target, as well as to the Pickpocket skill. Straight Razor (Unconventional Weapons) You can effectively use a straight razor as potentially lethal weapon, especially as its small size and ease of concealment can often give you the drop on an opponent. Submachine Gun (Firearms) You can effectively use and maintain (i.e. clean, lubricate, assemble and disassemble), a variety of submachine guns. Your knowledge also lends itself to the use of other firearms (half bonus round down). Page 297