The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 294

Nordic Skiing (Athletic) Able to traverse snow and ice, downhill and uphill, with equal ease whether simply cross-country skiing or Telemarking. When required you can also tow a sled. Otherside(r) Knowledge (Academic) With more than a passing interest your insight into the Otherside and Othersiders continues to grow as you track down every scrap of information you can find. In any such confrontation this could certainly give you an advantage. Parachuting (Military) The thrill of leaping from an aircraft has driven you to perfect your techniques. But making sure your chute opens is all important and so you insist on packing it yourself. Pickpocket (Tradecraft) Watch out, watch out, there’s a pickpocket about! That’s you. A jostling crowd just makes it easy. Watch, wallet, passport, and jewelry make for lucrative acquisitions. Benefits from Deft Digits (Reaper). Plane Pilot (Vehicular Operation) You are capable behind the controls of pretty much anything with wings. It may just take a little extra time to familiarize yourself with the nuances of the instrumentation of your next ride. To reach Expert requires formal training. Psychic Phenomena (Academic) Not only can you identify the effects of psychic talents, sometimes subtle, but you know what the best options to compliment or combat them are. Searching for how and why some become gifted can become somewhat of an obsession. Psychology (Academic) You study and strive to understand the mental and emotional factors governing any situation. This allows you to determine the motives and drives of others. Useful in conjunction with other skills such as Seduction, Interrogation, Diplomacy, and Deception * . Wisdom 7 8 9 10 Proficiency Novice Amateur Professional Expert Bonus +5%  +10% +20% +30% * Bonus to Other Skills +5%  +10% +15% +20% Page 294