The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 293

Machine Gun (Firearms) You can effectively use and maintain (i.e. clean, lubricate, assemble and disassemble), a variety of heavy machine guns. Your knowledge also lends itself to the use of other firearms (half bonus round down). Martial Arts (Fighting Style) You are a proponent of a chosen fighting style, either for unarmed combat through, for example, Karate and Jujutsu, or for armed combat using techniques such Kenjutsu and Bōjutsu. Beyond the damage you can inflict with just your hands when using a weapon such as a knife or sword you gain a +10% success bonus when using that weapon on reaching Professional proficiency, increasing to 20% as an Expert. Mechanic (Engineering) Whether it be a car, truck, motorbike, tank, or even a plane ultimately an engine is an engine and everything else you can work out eventually. You can perform maintenance and fix breakdowns, assuming you have the necessary tools and parts at hand, and even hot-wire a vehicle when needed. On reaching Expert you may also be able to jury rig makeshift repairs from unlikely materials. Metalsmith (Fabrication) Fashioning items from various metals that may have started as a hobby has grown. From metal blades to gun parts to vehicle gears to even counterfeit coins the potential is endless... if, that is, you have appropriate materials and tools. Mortar (Heavy Weapons) You can effectively use and maintain any variation on a traditional mortar. Motorbike (Vehicular Operation) It takes a special skill to weave through obstacles at speed on a motorbike. Something you have proven incredibly able at. The greater your proficiency the more comfortable you are at higher speeds, the easier you can negotiate open terrain, and perhaps even capable of jumping over barriers. Navigation (Survival) After the Rip the sky is always clouded so no stars to navigate by. But given even the most basic of maps or directions you can find your way. Some would say you have an uncanny sense of direction. Page 293