The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 291

Grenade (Ranged Weapon) You can quickly observe the target and mentally establish the distance between you and the optimal target area. All while minimizing your exposure to attack. Through established throwing positions and techniques, you achieve uniformity of control that ensures accuracy. You understand the importance of cleaning and lubrication, especially in adverse environmental conditions, to preventive malfunction. Dexterity 7 8 9 10 Success Bonus +5%  +10% +20% +30% Strength 7 8 9 10 Range Bonus +3 yds. +7 yds. +12 yds. +20 yds. Gunsmith (Engineering) Repairing, modifying, finishing, engraving, even designing and building guns is your bailiwick. You can also prepare (custom) ammunition. However, you cannot ply your trade without access to a workshop. To reach Expert requires formal training. Handgun (Firearms) You can effectively use and maintain (i.e. clean, lubricate, assemble and disassemble), a variety of handguns. Your knowledge also lends itself to the use of other firearms (half bonus round down). Helicopter Pilot (Vehicular Operation) A rare skill with limited opportunity for use as most helicopters are owned and operated by the military. However, circumstances may arise where you can get hands on a stick. To reach Expert requires formal training. Horseback Riding (Athletic) Not a common mode of modern transportation but when the need arises a trusty four-legged friend can take you where you need to go. Ice Axe (Unconventional Weapons) You can effectively wield an ice axe as a potentially lethal weapon. Page 291