The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 29

Situation Report - Paris (Source: SOE, Date: 30 th November 1949) In contrast to London there is no wholesale bombing devastation of the city, however, the same dreary grey malaise envelops everything. However, like London the outside environment is starkly contrasted by the colorful world inside nightclubs, bars, cafes, and even at home. De Gaulle’s government struggles to try and bring order to the post-war chaos as well as restoring French pre-war colonial interests. Despite his efforts the scale of human misery across Europe is so vast and widespread and the influx of displaced persons, including those requiring repatriation, westward into France away from the new “No Man’s Land” so great that the system has strained beyond breaking point. With agriculture damaged badly by the war, depleted livestock, ruined fields, broken machinery, shortage of manpower, and appalling weather the people are going hungry. Electricity and phone service are unreliable. Bombed out railways, roads, and bridges make travel is difficult. Add to this the fact that industry in the west of France, dependent on British coal that is no longer forthcoming, has also essentially collapsed then the order of the day is simply survival. What does flourish is a criminalized economy and, especially in Paris, ruthless profiteering and exploitation of the general populace. With widespread government corruption, the Catholic Church, under Archbishop of Paris, Maurice Feltin, once again reestablishes dominance as the people’s morale compass. From the pulpit comes the word that the Otherside is a manifestation of hell, Othersiders are devils and demons, and those conspiring with them are truly evil. NecroMechs are something to be abhorred. Page 29