The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 284

Car Mechanic Car/Truck driving , Mechanic, Lock Picking “Need for speed.” Any car will do. It doesn’t necessarily have to be mine and this looks like an opportunity begging to be taken! Immoral Fireman Escapology, Climbing “Never leave anyone behind.” After an accident in which I saved myself but lost a friend I took a personal oath to never let anyone ever die again because of me, even at the cost of my own life. Moral Locksmith Lock Picking, Safe Cracking “I can crack that!” I am obsessed with finding a lock I cannot defeat, even if it involves a little skullduggery. Amoral Bodyguard Close Quarters Combat, Handgun “Just stay down...” I live by a bygone code of sexual restraint, low tolerance for crime and a strict adherence to proper social behavior. All reflected in my Victorian-esque style, which includes a monocle. Moral Surveillance, Handgun “Four legs or two legs, it doesn’t matter to me. Prey is prey.” Turned to hunting registration-dodging Psycrafters (in the U.S.) but Bounty Hunter decided I didn’t have an edge. Through prior underworld contacts I was able to “volunteer” for NecroMech augmentation. Unfortunately, I must now answer the call when asked for “favors”. Immoral Page 284