The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 283

Appendix 1: Character Identities The following are suggested character identities that exemplify how backgrounds can be integrated with known skills, motivation, moral compass, and even personality quirks. Soldier Rifle, Demolition, Handgun, First Aid “To boldly go where no one has gone before.” Just as long as there are no spiders! (Arachnophobic) Moral Journalist Research “Whatever it takes to tell the story.” Amoral Jeweler Black Market Trading of carbonado “Money is everything.” Unencumbered by any sense of honor I will lie and swindle in any deal as I unwaveringly pursue wealth. Immoral Coroner Othersider Tissue Knowledge “Information is power.” After being the victim of blackmail due to a botched autopsy I become fixated on the acquisition of information and its use for gaining advantage in any situation. I have become very secretive, hiding everything I can about myself, including where I live, from even my closest “friends”. Immoral Nurse General Medicine “Mirror, mirror, on the wall... I must be the most beautiful of all.” Always thought of attractive I don a femme fatale persona in the evening hours. Pursuing adoration, both male and female, and “eliminating” the competition. Immoral Watch Maker Robotics used in Psytomatons “The consummate tinkerer...” Signature Forgery Secretary “I bet you...” As a compulsive gambler (Addict) I have been forced to embezzle from my employer. Amoral Page 283