The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 281

With a vast array of devastating psychic abilities Hel rarely needs to resort to physical violence. That said, if required her claws, teeth, and array of available Artificer weaponry are also formidable. Physical Abilities Damage - two claw attacks each inflicting (2 d10) damage and a hellacious bite attack for (3 d10) + 50 damage, per round, either against single or multiple targets. Armor - considered natural Armor rating 8 (but with infinite sustainable damage), all damage is reduced by 128 points per attack. Her chitin armor provides an additional total 1280 damage absorption to body attacks, but this does not extend to her head. Having awoken from a long dormancy following the closure of the last planar rip, Hel has but two goals, harvest life to generate stores of necrotic energy, and acquire victims for experimentation in her Fleshworks. By implication there is a finite time to how long the Rip can or will be open, that this has happened before with other worlds, and that other creatures exist beyond Hel’s domain. Hit Points - 2000 Movement Rate - equivalent of human run speed. However, Hel, in tandem with her Supplicants, has the special ability to make a leap of up to 30 feet. Organization Commander, unique, encountered only within the Fleshworks. Page 281