The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 280

Hel, Angel of Death Psychic Abilities (Mental Rating eXtreme) Supernatet - ongoing telekinetic ability with which Hel controls her bone chains and suspends her Supplicants, or up to 6 other targets, mid-air. Necrotic Energy cost 10 per round. Trahere Ex Animo - the complete, forcible, excruciating painful, extraction of memory and knowledge from the target victim over a period of d10 hours that ultimately results in death. Necrotic Energy cost 100 per use. Cogita Defectum - once every 10 rounds generate an area, radius 10 + d10 feet, at any location within sight, inside of which all psychic abilities are negated. This effect lasts d10 rounds. Necrotic Energy cost 25 per use. Intrant Inferna - at will ability generating the same effect as Deathly Doldrums, effective Rank 10. Necrotic Energy cost 30 per use. Actus Prima - once every 10 rounds generate the same effect as Profane Privilege for d10 rounds, effective Rank 10. Necrotic Energy cost 20 per use. Ulcere Sanguis - at will ability to rupture the veins and arteries of your target, inflicting 5 d10 damage and cause ongoing d10 blood loss damage until treated. Necrotic Energy cost 40 per use. Cutis Vivit - at will ability to flay the skin from the target without physical contact, inflicting 50 points of damage. Necrotic Energy cost 30 per use. Visus Damnum - once every 6 rounds blind a target for d10 hours. Necrotic Energy cost 20 per use. Imperium Dominum - once every 10 rounds take complete, unrestricted, control of your target for d10 rounds. Mind protection Talents negate this ability. Necrotic Energy cost 50 per use. Optio Novissimo - generates a Necrotic Energy blast, radius 30 yards, causing damage equal to all remaining (Necrotic Energy + Hit Points) and immediately become dormant. As has been hypothesized there is intelligence behind Othersider activity. Hel. With no human language of her own, only telepathic communication, Hel takes her name from the thoughts stripped from the mind of the first human being she encounters. In this case a German soldier who sees in her the literary personification of the bringer of death and ruler of the underworld. But not only her name. Knowledge of the world. Although characterized more by her curved horns, sharp teeth, pale waxy skin, jet-black eyes, and pulsing black veins, Hel still has a distinctly, even attractive, female form. Standing at almost 7 ft. she is encased feet-to-neck in black chitinous armor except for her back which is specifically cut to allow for the bone rings set there. She is attended by 6 Supplicants attached via collars and bone chains to the rings in her back. The collars are internally spiked so that the Supplicants have weeping sores to match the wounds caused by the rings that are embedded into Hel’s back at the other end of the chains. These wretched creatures are examples of what can be wrought when flesh and bone become a canvas for a sadistic, twisted, inhuman mind. Using telekinetic abilities her supplicants are levitated and arrayed behind her in XH^H\B[Z[\[و[˂\X[\HZ\\XK][Y ܙX]\\]ۜ[Hܚ]H[\\[Y۞KݚY[[]B\XH\HوY][ۘ[XܛX‘[\N L  H LL H]\Z[BH\[H]Z[XH[[[ ۘB^]\Y[[\H\X\B\X[ KXܛX[\HXX[ YH