The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 278

Vampire Psychic Abilities (Mental Rating High) Mors Carnem - once every 10 rounds use a more virulent form of Necrovasculation, effective Rank 8, that inflicts damage 10x faster. Necrotic Energy cost 50 per use. Sanguinem - at will enhancement to bite attack, as per Rupture Rank 8, but double damage. Necrotic Energy cost 30 per use. Vita Pluviam - ongoing ability mimicking Hateful Harvest, effective Rank 10, except the damage is shared amongst all targets within range and Hit points rather than Health points are restored. Necrotic Energy cost 20 per round. Caedes - once every 10 rounds claw damage is doubled. Necrotic Energy cost 20 per use. Proiectura - once every 6 rounds the force of both claw attacks for that round can be made against any target within sight. Necrotic Energy cost 25 per use. Mutata - at will ability allowing all viewers to “see” a form taken from a selected target’s mind. This does not preclude detection through physical means. Necrotic Energy cost 20 per round. As if pulled from the pages of literature this 7 feet tall, gaunt, sallow, humanoid creature has the characteristic “vampire” oversized teeth. In this case four incisors that at over 2” in length cause constant weeping wounds in the lipless flesh above and below. Oily black ichor dripping onto the Vampires chest. But with eyes that exhibit an unnatural green glow, no nose or ears, and short flat scythe-like horns that sweep back from the sides of the face, the visage takes on a more demonic aspect. Disproportionately large claws at the end of long arms make formidable weapons. Through a stroke of fate that leaves a German patrol in possession of the head of a Vampire this leads to the first graft source, Projekt Probe Nummer Eins, used at Wewelsburg albeit on an unwilling captured British soldier. Physical Abilities Damage - two claw attacks each inflicting (2 d10) damage and a powerful bite attack for (3 d10) + 20 damage, per round, either against single or multiple targets. Armor - considered Armor rating 6 (but with infinite sustainable damage), all damage reduced by 32 points per attack. Hit Points - 1500 Movement Rate - equivalent of human run speed. Organization Master Controller, encountered singly or with up to d10 Oni. Page 278