The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 277

Shadow Fiend Psychic Abilities (Mental Rating Medium) Obscurum - at will ability generating a palpable sphere of blackness, 5 feet in diameter, that permits no light to enter for 10 + d10 rounds. Necrotic Energy cost 50 per use. Tortis Suspensa - ongoing, similar in effect to Shadow Bind, that causes all within 20 feet to be rooted in place. Necrotic Energy cost 25 per round. Obumbratio - once per hour generate Shades of Death, effective Rank 6. Necrotic Energy cost 40 per use. Nauseam - once every 10 rounds cause violent vomiting like Necrotic Nausea, effective Rank 4. Necrotic Energy cost 20 per use. Evanescere Videntur - once every 6 rounds disappear and reappear up to 10 feet away. Necrotic Energy cost 30 per use. Physical Abilities Damage - four claw attacks each inflicting d10 damage and a vicious bite attack also for d10 damage, per round, against a single target. After the first bite is successful, the Shadow Fiend is considered “attached” and all subsequent claw attacks are made at +50%, while bite damage is automatic. Armor - considered Armor rating 5 (but with infinite sustainable damage), all damage reduced by 16 points per attack. Hit Points - 200 At 3 feet in size the compact, humanoid shaped, fast moving, Shadow Fiend can cloak itself in darkness, allowing it to move around with impunity in daylight for short periods of time. Characterized by two rows of three short horns each side of its skull, framing a face devoid of features other than an “X” shaped maw that peels open to reveal a lamprey-like mouth lined with countless tiny, triangular, sharp, inward-pointing teeth. To the torso of this creature four slender arms are attached, each ending in dexterous six razor-sharp clawed hands. The Shadow Fiend’s preferred method of attack is to leap out from concealment to bite into the back of the neck and then reach around with its arms to cut open the body cavity of its victim. An agonizi ^HYHB][]]]\ۙ\[[œXXX[]Y\HYY[8&\˜ܘ][ۋHX\Y\[[XH]KXZ\]\YK^\]\[]\YY[ۂYH[\H[]YܙY[Y[\Y][YY[8&\\H^\[ۘ[BZ]Y\[[\][ۈ\BZ[[[\[ܜݚYHH\X][ۈ܈[X\ [ݙ[Y[]H H\]Z][[و [X[[YY X^[][H[\\[H L Y]\YKۛۋS\YJKܙ[^][ۂ\[[\YZ]\[]YX[B܈[X[ܛ\و  YH