The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 276

Ripper Standing at just under 11 feet tall, and almost 4 feet wide, the Ripper has a Psychic Abilities thickset powerfully built body, with (Mental Rating Low) heavily muscled arms reaching almost to Impediendum - at will ability to reduce the ground. Blade-like claws, used to target movement speed by 50% (non- great effect in ripping (hence the name) cumulative). Necrotic Energy cost 10 per use. through vehicle armor and flesh, scrape furrows in the ground as the Ripper Ipsum Ieiunium - once every 10 rounds moves. double movement rate and all attacks for d10 rounds. Each “hand” has 3 clawed fingers Necrotic Energy cost 20 per use. arranged around a larger fixed claw protruding from the wrist. This allows Maior Essentia - once per hour gain the Ripper to punch forward with its additional Hit Points equal to current Hit fixed claw to impale its target and then Points. Any points above maximum are lost after 10 + d10 rounds. bring its other claws to bear. Necrotic Energy cost 25 per use. A featureless, inverted triangular Aperta Rip - once every 10 rounds double shaped, reflective, chitin plate appears damage for d10 rounds. to have been sewn over where any face Necrotic Energy cost 30 per use. would be expected to be. Decreasing in relative size, further such plates Physical Abilities continue down the torso, 5 in all, Damage - 2 claw attacks per round for (2 towards the groin. Each plate has a d10) + 30 points per attack. The first random pattern of rough puncture wounds attack inflicts an additional (5 d10) through which a black oily ichor slowly points “acid” damage, quadrupled vs. metal. oozes. Armor - considered Armor rating 8 (but with Unsubstantiated reports have the infinite sustainable damage), all damage Ripper coating its large fixed claw with reduced by 128 points per attack. The this ichor. chitin plates provide an additional total The flesh of this creature is seaweed 1280 damage absorption to aimed attacks. green in color at its extremities but However, the ½” puncture wounds offer no protection at all, i.e. Armor rating 0. shifts to darker and darker purple towards the head and torso which, along Hit Points - 2500 with the chitin plates, are jet black. Movement Rate - equivalent of human run This makes it difficult to see when speed. immobile and in shadow. The rest of a Ripper’s skin resembles that of a shark Organization in texture, roughly tearing anything soft Roamer/Follower, encountered either that it touches, often resulting in the individually or in small groups of up to accumulation of blood, and detritus such 10. as pieces of human flesh, that color the Ripper’s body red. Sturdy, short legs, with 3 clawed toes propel the Ripper forward. Not fast but unrelenting, no matter the obstacles. Rippers are used by their “commanders” as shock troops in dealing with particularly heavily armored vehicles or fortifications due to their immense damage power and “acid” ichor intensely corrosive to metals. The third graft source, Projekt Probe Nummer Drei, used at Wewelsburg. Page 276