The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 273

Oni Named by the first Japanese-American troops recruited from 442nd Regimental Combat Team to be deployed for reconnaissance in the Wastes. Bulky 9 ft. jet black humanoids with 2 short straight spiraled bone white horns set front-to- back in the middle of the skull, 6 glowing green eyes, and short needle-like claws. The bottom half of the face is covered with an intricately carved bone mask inset with a center carbonado. The Oni’s mouth, unseen below, is nothing more than an ugly scar, the color of its horns, where the lips once were. Hel has created the Oni as her “generals”, each commanding up to 500 Barbed Knights, Rippers, and Ghouls. Terrifying as they are to behold it is their abilities as superior tacticians that should be truly feared. Bone Mask The inset carbonado amplifies the wearers telepathic range to 100 miles. Psychic Abilities (Mental Rating High) Dolor - at will ability to wrack a single target with unimaginable pain. Victims suffer 10 points of damage per round, incur a -90% penalty to taking any Action, and all Talent use is automatically interrupted. Necrotic Energy cost 25 per round. Desperationis - ongoing ability whereby anyone looking into the Oni’s eyes (80%/20% chance if not taking/taking appropriate precautions) are compelled into inaction, unable to act for d10 rounds. Effective only against targets with a Willpower less than 9. Necrotic Energy cost 20 per round. Ultra Spiritum - once every 10 rounds cause all targets with sight to suffocate for d10 rounds (individual rolls), taking 10 points of damage per round. Necrotic Energy cost 30 per use. Mortis Invenio - once every 6 rounds affect up to 6 targets with the same effect as Rigor Mortis, except the victims incur 10 + d10 damage per round until dead or roused. Necrotic Energy cost 40 per use. Scutum Industria - once every 10 rounds reduce all attack based Necrotic Energy loss by 100% for d10 rounds. Necrotic Energy cost 20 per use. Gladius Exspiravit - ongoing ability that creates a phantom blade capable of striking one target, that is within sight, for 5 d10 damage per round. Necrotic Energy cost 25 per round. Physical Abilities Damage - two claw attacks each inflicting (2 d10) damage. Armor - considered Armor rating 7 (but with infinite sustainable damage), all damage reduced by 64 points per attack. Hit Points - 1000 Movement Rate - equivalent of human run speed. Organization Controller, encountered singly with d10 Barbed Knights. Page 273