The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 271

Hungerer A Hungerer results when a graft recipient, i.e. NecroMech, reaches zero Health points specifically through their continued Psychic Talent use after their Life Energy pool has been exhausted. They are characterized by pale waxy skin and skeletal physique. Deeply sunken eyes glow green whenever a Hungerer consumes life energy. Driven by the single primal urge to consume Life Energy, no one is safe. Not friends. Not family or loved ones. A Hungerer will do whatever it takes to satiate their inhuman need. Psychic Abilities (Mental Rating Low) A Hungerer, now considered an Othersider with Low Mental Rating, retains the psychic Talents from their dominant graft together with a single random side-effect Talent, but at an effective Rank 1. Necrotic Energy cost according to Talent. Exhauriat - allows the Hungerer to drain Life Energy at a flat rate of 5 per round through skin-to-skin contact. Necrotic Energy cost zero. Physical Abilities Damage - None (as all weapons are discarded). Armor - ›Ϋ™H [›\άΘ[™XYHΫά›ŠK‚’]Ϊ[Θ H L“[έ™[Y[˜]H H\]Z]˜[[و[X[ˆ[‚œάYY ‚“ά™Ψ[š^˜][Ϋ‚”›Ψ[Y\‹[˜Ϋέ[\™Y[Ϋ™K‚”YΩH Μ