The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 265

Burrower Psychic Abilities (Mental Rating Medium) Praesidio - ongoing ability that shields the Burrower from all psychic Talents that directly affect the “mind”. This extends to the Burrowers host. Necrotic Energy cost 5 per round. Obstupescas - once every 10 rounds reduce the Intellect and Wisdom of a single target by 3. This effect lasts for d10 rounds. Necrotic Energy cost 20 per use. Inpulsa - once every 6 rounds emit a Psychic Shock, effective Rank 5. Necrotic Energy cost 10 per use. Imperium - once every hour allows the Burrower to completely dominate the mind of a single target and take control for d10 rounds. Effective only against targets with a Willpower less than 8. Necrotic Energy cost 50 per use. Celare - ongoing ability that hides the Burrower from sight once attached to a host. This affects the minds of those looking at the host and does not prevent physical discovery through touch. Necrotic Energy cost 5 per hour. Physical Abilities Damage - single bite attack for d10 + 10 damage. If, however, this bite is to the back of the target’s neck then an additional 20 points of damage is sustained as the Burrower locks all its legs onto the targets spine through the skin. Armor - considered Armor rating 6 (but with infinite sustainable damage), all damage reduced by 32 points per attack. Hit Points - 100 Movement Rate - equivalent of 3x human run speed. A 36” centipede-like creature that has an over-sized, spade shaped, mottled black and crimson head with a single set of pincers designed for grasping rather than biting. In-between are two thin, supple, almost translucent, tentacles that are forced into the cervical spine and up into the brain to take complete control of its new host. The rest of the segmented, crimson, body is narrow in proportion and lined with 10 rows of narrow black legs tipped with viciously sharp barbs suitable for adhering to flesh and bone. This odious creature was created by Hel specifically to use for intelligence gathering. All the Burrowers psychic abilities continue after taking a host. If the host is a Psycrafter then they lose the use of all their existing Talents. The host personality and behavior pattern are compromised, allowing a combined mental score chance, i.e. (Intellect + Wisdom + Willpower) percentage chance, for those who know the host well to realize something is amiss. Once attached options to remove the Burrower become limited; it must be dormant before surgical removal is possible. The chance of survival of the host in such circumstances is a percentage (Constitution x d10). Any physical damage against the Burrower has a (50 - Dexterity) percentage chance to also be inflicted upon the host. Organization Follower (to Commander only), encountered singly. Page 265