The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 264

Bone Swarmer A writhing mass of desiccated “bone like” legs so numerous as to hide the creature’s body. Each leg ends in a razor sharp barbed foot and once a Bone Swarmer impales a victim with one foot it is not long before another and then another does so, ultimately shredding flesh and absorbing life energy until nothing but a bloody lifeless pulp is left. Appearing in the 100’s the swarm can eradicate all life for miles. At 3 feet in diameter a swarm of 500 would appear as a boiling black mass 40 yards across and 40 yards deep. One observer described an army platoon encounter with a swarm as “something akin to a combine harvester in a field of wheat.” It is hypothesized that separation of a single Bone Swarmer from the main swarm could be possible... Psychic Abilities (Mental Rating Low) Cerebrum Iunctio - ongoing ability that allows the Bone Swarmer to link minds with any others of its kind within 10 feet. The result is a swarm that acts and moves as one. Necrotic Energy cost 1 per round. Occultatum - at will ability that cloaks the Bone Swarmer in murky darkness (equivalent to thin fog) making it hard to discern. When the entire swarm uses this ability, overlap causes the effect to be multiplied (equivalent to dense fog). Necrotic Energy cost 5 per use. Carcerem - once every 10 rounds a random target within 20 feet is forced to become immobile for d10 rounds. Necrotic Energy cost 20 per use. Silentium - once every 10 rounds create an area of complete silence up to d10 feet. Necrotic Energy cost 10 per use. Physical Abilities Damage - single leg attack in round one for L[XYKX]X\HۙH\Y\]X[Kۈ[H\\›Y]XXX܈ L[XYK[YY[XYHو LYHH[XYY\Yˈۈ[YH\]Y]XXX܈ L [  L HYY[XYH܂HYH[XYYYˈH[\\\]]X\  L HYY[XYK]YY[۝[Z[[[X] ][HY]\YBۙH\Y\[]XH[H[X[\][\^K\[܈ HۜY\Y\[܈][ H ]][[]H\Z[XH[XYJK[[XYBYXYH M[\]X˂][ H L [ݙ[Y[]H H\]Z][[و[X[[YY ܙ[^][ۂ[Y\[[\Y[ܛ\وX[BL 8&\˂YH