The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 262

Ash Stalker Resembles a flattened purple, almost black, millipede over 30 ft. long and 6 ft. wide carried along on a carpet of short legs. Its chitinous armor plates arcing electricity constantly as it moves. But when stationary and buried in the ash of the Otherside the Ash Stalker is hard to spot until it rears and rolls over its prey, impaling them on its sharp spike-like legs, and draining everything until a lifeless husk is all that is left. The Ask Stalker can coordinate undulations along its length to generate a steadily building electrical charge that cascades towards its head with ultimate discharge into whatever is in front of its head. Pravum - once every 6 rounds emit a wave radiating out to a range of 50 feet that causes Degeneration, effective Rank 4. The almost impervious chitin of this indigenous creature forms the basis for armor, while the spikes from its legs are used to create weapons. Necrotic Energy cost 50 per use. Psychic Abilities (Mental Rating Low) Vitam Exhaurire - once per round a random impaled target is drained of 50 Life Energy. Necrotic Energy cost 10 per use. Necrotic Energy cost 20 per use. Tenebris - once every 10 rounds generate the same effect as Tenebrous Shroud, effective Rank 4, but lasting twice as long. Necrotic Energy cost 20 per use. Abscondam - once an hour causes the ground to lose cohesion. Everything within 20 feet sinks d10 feet. Creatures that submerge to a depth greater than their height are considered “buried alive”. Physical Abilities Damage - d10 potential leg attacks per round, (1 d10) x 5 points per attack with a 50% chance to impale for double damage. Once every 10 rounds an additional single electrical discharge attack for (5 d10) + 50 points of damage. Armor - considered Armor rating 9 (but with infinite sustainable damage), all damage reduced by 256 points per attack. Hit Points - 8,000 Movement Rate - equivalent of 2x human run speed. Organization Roamer, encountered either singly or as a pair (25%). Page 262