The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 26

Geopolitical Analysis (Source: MI5, Date: 30 th November 1949) Already reeling from the financial, resource, and human cost of World War II all countries look to the survival of their own in the face of the mounting challenges. Conflict continues but not as open war, rather as smaller covert events. Countries look to undermine other countries to appropriate rare resources. Groups and factions within countries strive for power. Criminal enterprise flourishes. With the breakup of the Soviet Union, demise of Japan, and complete breakdown of normalcy in a decimated Europe, only three major world powers remain: The United States, the British Empire, and China. Despite its public isolationist policies, the United States is still looking to secure resources wherever possible. China is potentially looking to consolidate regional power through the occupation of New Japan. The British Empire is in a continued struggle to hold and extend its worldwide interests. For example, soon after the end of the war Britain seizes all mining operations from De Beers in Sierra Leone, not only for their diamonds but for expanded mining of bauxite and titanium ore, both required to support the use of aluminium and titanium alloys in the development of lighter weight vehicles and armor for use in the Wastes by the Aeroplane and Armament Experimental Establishment (AAEE) at Boscombe Down and the F ighting Vehicle Design Establishment (FVEE) at Chertsey. Operations are the responsibility of the Ministry of Supply. Both under the direct control of the Ministry of Defense. In the Rest of Europe, no central government holds sway and it is ODESSA, and their operations, who represent the true power in the region. The government in Russia has an all-consuming, paranoid, focus on the elimination of all Psycrafters, despite the day-to-day struggles in staying alive for the general populace. Page 26