The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 257

IX. Although Othersiders employ the use of “natural” materials rather than processed metals or machinery, the nature of the environmental conditions of the Otherside result in them being more than adequate. Especially since select Othersiders are capable of psychically enhancing them further. X. The combination of psychic ability, (body) weaponry, and immense physical strength when not limited by the Otherside gravity conditions, allow Othersiders to even tear through a tank’s plate armor. The damage they can inflict on flesh is truly terrible. In most non-Otherside encounters an Action check involving Strength is invariably successful (at the GMs discretion) and Talents that effect Strength ineffectual. During an Otherside encounter, however, Strength is determined based on size; less than 10 feet in height/body length then effective Strength for Action checks/Talent effect is considered 10, otherwise as with non-Otherside encounters all such checks are invariably successful. XI. XII. XIII. XIV. It is completely impossible to “reason” with any Othersider no matter their Mental Rating. Any “life” to them is inconsequential. Oily “Black Ichor” is common to all the Othersiders, their equivalent of blood. For the purposes of all physical combat Othersiders are considered to have Expert skill proficiency. All psychic ability use is considered uninterruptable. XV. Othersiders gain an “Overwhelming” bonus to success chance, due to a combination of power, speed, and size, of +50% for all physical combat beyond the Otherside. XVI. Movement rate (maximum) is that for Otherside environmental conditions and should be tripled otherwise. For example, an Othersider with a movement rate equivalent of human run speed could move at 30 mph in the Wastes. XVII. Any successful Necrotic energy attack on a NecroMech will result in that energy first being applied to recharging the Necrotic energy of the NecroMech with the remainder applied as damage as normal. Page 257