The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 256

V. VI. If sufficient damage is inflicted to reduce an Othersider to zero Hit Points it immediately becomes dormant. At the point the damage stops the Othersider starts to use Necrotic Energy (one for one) to regenerate 10 points per round. However, it does not emerge from this dormant state until it has regained 80% of its Hit Points. Dismemberment or other massive tissue ruination prevents this regeneration UNTIL sufficient body mass (50%) is reassembled (i.e. touching) for it to continue. Tissue does not regrow per se, with an appendage, for example, destroyed through immersion in water being forever lost to the Othersider. Consequently, if 51% of tissue is destroyed in this way the Othersider will never be able to regenerate. The remaining 49% of tissue is, however, not “dead” and potentially viable for Stitching. Othersiders consume Life Energy and convert it to Necrotic Energy. Sources include: a. Ambient Life Energy that generates 5 Necrotic Energy per round. b. Touch that drains 10 Life Energy to generate 10 Necrotic Energy per round. c. Open wounds that drain 20 Life Energy to generate 20 Necrotic Energy per round. d. Death within 20 yards generates an immediate 100 Necrotic Energy per victim, decreasing to 20 within 100 yards, and zero beyond. If Necrotic Energy drops below 10% of maximum, then: a. All movement is reduced by 50%. b. Physical Actions, such as attacks, are made at a 50% penalty. c. Both Physical and Psychic Initiative rolls incur a -2 penalty If Necrotic Energy drops to zero, then the Othersider becomes dormant. VII. VIII. The number of Psychic abilities that an Othersider has, as well as several other mental traits, is dependent on their Mental Rating. Mental Rating Number of Psychic Abilities Number of Concurrent Abilities Base (Psychic) Success Chance Effective Mental Score Effective Willpower Necrotic Energy Pool Low 4 Medium 5 2 80% 18 7 100 2 100% 20 8 200 High 6 3 120% 24 9 400 eXtreme 10 5 200% 30 Unbreakable 1000 Telepathic ability is also dependent on Mental Rating. Mental Rating Telepathic Range Low None Medium 1 mile High 10 miles eXtreme 100 miles Page 256