The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 255

Othersiders The “deathless” inhabitants on the other side of the Ash Curtain have been named Othersiders and as many have commented are “torn from nightmares”. As such they are truly terrifying. At this point it is important to understand the difference between Health Points and Hit Points, and the fact that during gameplay it doesn’t matter! Living creatures including player characters have Health Points. Damage causes loss of Health Points. At zero Health Points death occurs. Othersiders and inanimate objects have Hit Points. Damage causes loss of Hit Points. At zero Hit Points for Othersiders dormancy occurs, while for inanimate objects it means destruction. Both are called HP. Physiology Othersiders share the following similarities: I. II. III. Othersiders with eyes can see in the infra-red as a human would see in full daylight. In addition, all Othersiders can sense Life Energy within 50 feet, and with sensitivity enough to discern the relative levels of Life Energy. This is important in the identification of potential attack targets. All humans start with 50 Life Energy. Psycrafters can both tap this energy to power their Talents and to increase the pool. To an Othersider an ungifted person and a Rank 1 Psycrafter who has not used any Talents appear the same. However, as the Psycrafter starts to use their Talents and deplete their Life Energy pool the ungifted person is now a more “attractive” source. Similarly, a Rank 10 Psycrafter will initially appear much more attractive than a Rank 5 Psycrafter, at least until Talent use is figured in. Suffer 10 points of damage per round, doubling each round, when exposed to direct sunlight. Are considered to have an eXtreme Armor Rating that eliminates most forms of inflicted damage*. For example, a Ripper benefits from an Armor Rating of 8. All Othersiders have 100% resistance to fire, cold, electricity, chemicals, and radiation. However, there are potential areas of weakness. Again, for the Ripper the ½” puncture wounds in its chitin plating offer no protection at all. *WATER-BASED DAMAGE IGNORES ALL ARMOR. IV. At relative humidity greater than 80% Othersiders suffer 10 points of damage per round, while direct water-based attacks deal 50 (pint sized flask), 100 (gallon sized barrel), or even as much as 200 (vehicle mounted water canon) points of damage. Complete immersion causes 50 points of damage, doubling every subsequent round until the Othersider is destroyed. The use of hydrogen peroxide (H 2 O 2 ) instead of water does double damage. Page 255