The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 250

The Mob The Mob encompasses the five crime families of the New York City Mafia and is not to be confused with The Outfit in Chicago or other organized crime families around the United States. Currently the Luciano, Bonanno, Protaci, Mangano and Gagliano families rule. However, others such as the Gambino and Lucchese are always looking for “opportunity to take their rightful place at the table”. Formerly established in 1931 the five New York Families of the Italian Mafia were brought together in an effort to bring peace to the waring New York underworld. Shortly after its inception the group was taken over by Charles “Lucky” Luciano. Rather than taking the title “boss of bosses” he instead set up the Commission to oversee all Mafia activities, acting as a board of directors of sorts. Luciano has always envisioned the criminal acts he and his associates engage in as a business enterprise and so it should be run much like any other corporation. The Commission consists of the heads of the 5 New York families as well as a chair for the Chicago Outfit and the head of the Buffalo crime families. After receiving his pardon from Governor Dewey and being released from prison in September 1945 Luciano has once again retaken his position as the head of his own family, but also his seat at the head of the Commission. It is still unclear what new plans, if any, he and the Commission have formulated to take advantage of the current world situation. But there is no doubt that his criminal genius will find some way to profit from the current world chaos and the power offered by both Psycrafters and even NecroMechs. Rumors are running rampant that there are at least one or more Psycrafters currently close to Luciano. But with no known official position taken by the Commission it appears to have been left up to each family and each crew within the family on how they personally want to deal with the psychically gifted, natural or otherwise. It has become common knowledge that some decision will have to be made soon as the growing number of Psycrafters flooding into New York, many with their own agenda, are coming into conflict with the interests of The Mob. An extremely insular organization, attempts by the FBI to fully infiltrate The Mob have thus far proven unsuccessful. However, given the number of veteran members the OSS has contacts that could be exploited. And besides, it was the OSS who had Lucky released rather than deported. Combined with the continued tacit relationship between the US government and the Mafia regarding operations at the Port of New York and New Jersey, many inside the OSS believe The Mob may be a potential ally if the local Psycrafter problem begins to spin out of control. The benefits of Meta Engineering, both personal and business, are not lost on Lucky. His own Maserati A6 prototype, completed in early 1946 before the complete collapse of Italian industry, made its way to the United States via contacts in Britain who added a few “extras”. Bypassing port customs useful in leaving everyone in the dark about the exact capabilities of the car. Page 250