The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 25

rural areas. Here, ex-SS or gangs often forcibly recruit the healthy and those too sick to “contribute” are eliminated. The cities become places to avoid. One notable gang are “Werewolf”, a Nazi post-war resistance group, who control the entirety of the Black Forest region. Despite the dangers treasure hunters continue to enter No Man’s Land in search of Nazi stashes of art and antiques. With underground criminal enterprises exploiting Necromechanics for their own gain it is not surprising that the incidence rate of Hungerer (degenerate NecroMech) encounters in population centers is now on the rise. Although the waters surrounding the Wastes act as natural containment for Othersiders several recent reports indicate a crashed ODESSA transport releasing one into a remote area in the southern Ural Mountains. The British Firearms Act is enacted that prohibits the possession of firearms or ammunition by the public, limiting such possession to only active military personnel or those issued an exemption waiver. This coincides with all law enforcement agencies coming under the control of the Ministry of Defense, or in other words, militarization of the police force. As meta-engineering starts to become more prevalent a thriving market for carbonado or “black diamond” has developed in all countries. This encourages retrieval operations from across the Ash Curtain despite the hazards. The SOE holds a secret EDD briefing at their Baker Street headquarters on Operation Gopher whose goal is the rescue of a potential NecroMech asset from deep within the new No Man’s Land. The full story will unfold in the Stitched! adventure. Page 25