The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 245

Preferred Weapon(s) Unarmed Motivation (Morality) Finding the perfect balance between Western and Eastern medicine. (Moral) Background Born to a British Doctor and Chinese mother life was not easy for Yi Min growing up in Hong Kong in the early 1930’s. With her mother dying when she was age 5 things got even more difficult. Until the fall of Hong Kong to the Japanese Christmas Day 1941 she spends her informative years in the hospital where her father works surrounded by a group of British nurses working with her father who collectively look after her. Jasmine as she is then known is both smart and fascinated by anything out of the ordinary. Not wanting Jasmine to lose touch with her Chinese heritage her father encourages her to also spend time with the Chinese doctors and nurses as well as the British. No surprise that Jasmine wants to become a doctor herself, but one that straddles the dichotomy of Chinese and Western medicine. Due to their medical work both Jasmine, now acting as an “auxiliary nurse”, and her father are able to avoid evacuation from Hong Kong in 1940 and remain hard at work until their eventual move to the Stanley Internment Camp on the southern end of Hong Kong Island in January 1942. Although the direct effects of the Rip on August 9 th , 1945 are minimal for Hong Kong, 1300 miles away, mainland southeast China is not so fortunate. For the Chinese and Japanese chaos erupts as they try and determine what has happened to family and friends and all interest in confining Westerners is forgotten. Luckily, Dr. Alfred Rogers has many personal friends as he has provided medical help either directly or to family and friends and he is able to secure boat passage to Singapore for himself and Jasmine. With the world in disarray and no support structure in Singapore it is simply a case of survival for Jasmine and her father. So, in January 1946 Jasmine’s father reaches out via telegram to his best friend during his days at Bristol University, John Jeffries, who he knows may be able to help. However, even as John makes plans to get to Singapore tragedy strikes in a street fight in which Jasmine’s father is fatally stabbed trying to protect her. Devastated by his death and still dealing with her emerging psychic talents Jasmine subconsciously reaches out and, in answer, a calming mental link is formed with who will eventually become her ever present cat companion, Felix; a grey striped British Shorthair so named after the character from the film shorts she saw as a young girl before internment. John Jeffries arrives and finds Jasmine confronting horrendous circumstances head on. No doubt she is a strong survivor John persuades Jasmine to return with him to Britain, mainly through promises of continued medical training, and that Felix can come! It is 6 months after they are back in Britain that John secures Jasmine a place as St Mary's Hospital Medical School in Paddington. Although studying general medicine Jasmine’s interest and knowledge of non-traditional medicine continues; encouraged by the ethos of research ushered in by the appointment of George Pickering to the chair of medicine. In 1949 as part of her acute care rotation Jasmine treats a gunshot victim Michael Janus. Page 245