The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 244

In January 1946 John receives a surprise message from his best friend during his days at Bristol University, Dr. Alfred Rogers that he and his daughter Jasmine have escaped Stanley Internment Camp on Hong Kong Island and have managed to get to Singapore. However, they are in dire need of help. Leveraging his relationship with Baron Rothschild he arranges a trip to MI5’s newly re-established laboratory in Singapore but by the time he arrives Alfred is dead; killed protecting his daughter. John sees no other option than to bring Jasmine back to Great Britain to live with him in Stevenage while he continues his work at Station XII (Ashton House) under Professor Dudley Maurice Newitt. Alfred’s fountain pen from his college days, a Jade Radite “lifetime” from Sheaffer, joins the lab coat as John’s work continues. In 1947 John begins experimental development of a Psytomaton , as he names them, with assistance again coming from Victor Rothschild both in terms of his expertise in micro manipulation as well as financial aid for materials procurement, especially carbonado. By May 1948 a six-legged (hexapod) Psytomaton becomes fully functional and used initially for unexploded bomb examination tests at Blenheim Palace where Rothschild, as part of MI5, is working. Yi Min (Jasmine) Rogers Non-operational SOE Affiliate Born October 11th, 1924 in Hong Kong (British colony) Height 5’2” Weight 100lbs, delicate build Very pretty Qi Master (Rank 7) Animal Telepathy*, Animal Control*, Animal Companion (Cat)* Cellular Manipulation, Metabolic Rush Mind over Body Empathy, Aura Sensitivity Demoralize Precognition, Soul Insight *Specialization Talents Intellect 7 Wisdom 8 Willpower 6 Strength 5 Constitution 7 Dexterity 7 (6+1 from Cat Companion) Charisma 7 Perception 7 Force Majeure 6 Expert Skills Chinese Japanese General Medicine Professional Skills Psychic Phenomena Amateur Skills Martial Arts Psychology Novice Skills Seamstress Page 244