The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 241

During the war many functions were moved to other locations, such as Station IX at The Frythe country house, or developed independently at other locations, for example Station XV at the Thatched Barn near Borehamwood devoted entirely to camouflage. However, by early 1947 all SOE Equipment Research & Design is consolidated back at Aston House. Located at the end of the long and narrow Broadwater Lane (an exit off the Great North Road) the sprawling facility, surrounded by a high security wire fence, includes machine and carpenter’s shops, chemistry laboratory, stores for incendiaries and explosives, and small-scale factory operations. All essential personnel, including all the top “boffins”, are housed on-site. This includes John Jeffries who is often visited by his charge Jasmine Rogers when she gets time away from St Mary's Hospital, Paddington. In February 1947 when SOE becomes part of the newly created Empire Defense Directorate (EDD) the existing Section structure of one Section per country (e.g. SN Section for Norway, F Section for France, and T Section for Belgium, etc.) is rationalized into: N Section (North) covering Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, and the Faroe Islands. Its Section Chief is Charles Hambros, who after resigning as SOE head in 1943 to coordinate between the U.S. and Britain on the Manhattan Project returns to take charge of his old SN Section in late 1945 and is then promoted to take charge of this northern region group. Zone N is particularly important as ODESSA is known to have a stronghold somewhere in Scandinavia. C Section (Central) covering Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, and Greece. Hardy Amies is moved from T-Section to take charge, with Vera Atkins as his assistant. Maurice Buckmaster the previous head of F-Section and Vera’s commanding officer is asked to leave amid inquiries into his handling of the section in 1943 when many operatives were captured under dubious circumstances. E Section (East) covering every region east of the Suez Canal and No Man’s Land, including what was the Soviet Union, India, China, and New Japan (i.e. Korea) all the way to, but not including, the Wastes. Page 241