The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 240

Special Operations Executive Britain’s Special Operations Executive (SOE) formed in July 1940 to conduct espionage, sabotage and reconnaissance behind enemy lines. Or in Churchill’s words to “set Europe ablaze”. After the Rip the SOE is re-tasked with hunting down and exterminating remaining Nazi’s wherever they were to be found, to counter ODESSA operations, and the active destabilization of any other group or international power seeking to undermine British interests. Still a covert group the SOE becomes Britain’s “knife in the dark”. The headquarters of SOE initially at 64 Baker Street now occupies most of the western side of the entire street, and consequently the nickname "the Baker Street Irregulars" has taken permanent root. Other operational locations are spread throughout the British Isles, including Station XII (Ashton House) outside Stevenage. Starting in November 1939 Aston House becomes a center for weapons and equipment innovation, including:           Special blast grenades utilizing Polar Ammon Gelatin Dynamite, a nitroglycerine-based explosive. The Pencil Fuse that uses the corrosion of piano wire by copper chloride solution as a timing mechanism. A smaller version of the Limpet mine that could fit in the pocket called the “Clam”. The Welrod assassination pistol. A single shot Sleeve Gun firing 0.32” ammunition for use at close quarters. A small, simple, nail gun to fire a “nail” into armor plating onto which high explosives could be hung. A fountain pen capable of firing a single 0.22 caliber bullet. Spigot mortars that screwed into a tree and fired by time fuse or trip wire. Incendiary arrows, 18” long, 2.5oz, capped with a percussion fuse head, with a range of 50 yds. Other unique tailor-made devices for one-off raids. By 1950 this innovation has turned to what can be achieved through Meta Engineering, including “Dozer” development for Others