The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 24

The OSS follows MI5 in forming their own Psycrafter Branch whose members are exempted from wearing the otherwise mandatory Registration Dog Tag. Control of Psycrafter-related operations at Los Alamos are assumed by the OSS. Having been tasked with hunting down and killing several notable Nazi’s before they can be recruited into ODESSA, SOE sees its first major success in the elimination of Josef Mengele in Rosenheim. Others on the list include Rudolf Höss and Adolf Eichmann. The first UV-A (Black Light) weaponry prototype is developed by the SOE using Gemstone Capacitor “energy cells”, while MI5’s P-Division, set up in 1947, successfully deploys Psytomatons as eavesdropping devices. In Britain the switch to fluorescent lighting, with redesigned coatings to increase UV-B transmission and combat Vitamin D deficiency, is well under way. UV-A Pulse Rifle, developed by P-Division, goes into field operation. By 1949 the only operating movie theater left in New York is the Astor Theater on Broadway, now members-only. Existing film prints, over-shown and degraded, are now scarce. Upbeat movies such as Anchors Away, one of the last to be made, are worth their weight in gold. Literally. British newspaper The News of the World headlines with “New No Man’s Land” to name the 630,000 square mile Central European area once encompassing the countries of Germany, Austria, Yugoslavia, Albania, East Prussia, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria. The article vividly describes a region without any formal governments in such a state of post-war devastation and ethnic disarray as to be virtually unlivable. Running from the Baltic Sea to the borders of Greece it now separates Europe from the newly emerging independent regions of the Soviet Union such as Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. But there are those that do survive here. Of the 66 million Germans who see the end of the war an estimated 8 million Nazi’s are counted among them. It is this latter group, particularly surviving SS Security Task Force units that maintain a foothold of dominance, maintaining control through fear, at least in the north. Further south gangs of varying ethos, whether that be national, political, race, or simply the accumulation of power and control, have established strongholds demanding fealty from the surrounding areas. With malnutrition and diseases such as dysentery, tuberculosis, typhus, and lice-born scabies, rife in major population centers those that can flee to Page 24