The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 239

In the ensuing few weeks she encouraged her co-workers to call her Alice rather than Lise and with records access was able to change her own file so that she became Alice Jacobson, an identity using the name of a cousin from Elverum who she has learned was killed during the bombing of the town center by the Germans. And when the government travelled from Tromsø to London on the heavy cruiser HMS Devonshire June 7 th Alice, now indispensable, was on board ready to start her new life in Britain. Alice’s reputation for immediate recollection of any information she has seen gathers the attention of MI5’s A (Administration and Registry) division director, Charles Butler. Still wrestling with the re-build of the registry, now re-located to Blenheim Palace after the fire that almost destroyed them, Director Butler believes Alice could be invaluable. He pulls the appropriate strings to get a meeting with Alice to offer her a job and she accepts. Alice moves June 1941 from her shared flat near the Norwegian embassy at 10 Kensington Palace Gardens to join over 200 other female staff living in rooms at Keble College, Oxford to work on the registry at MI5 headquarters, Blenheim Palace. Victor Rothschild takes an interest in Alice and introduces her to Tomás Harris, a case officer with MI5, believing that as a wealthy art lover they will have much in common. His hopes of more romantic escapades fade at one of the parties Harris and his wife host at their Mayfair home where Alice gives him the cold shoulder. By January 1946 Alice has taken the registry team lead and the management of the additional Psycrafter records. It is also not necessarily surprising that Alice already a misandrist discovers her preference for women both socially and sexually while working within the registry’s exclusively female domain. An ODESSA Shadow Weaver has been tasked with identifying potential spies within MI5 and seeks Alice out as one of the few non-British nationals employed. She quickly uncovers her past from sifting through her unprotected memories and makes an approach based on her feelings of injustice. By the end of 1947 Alice is a committed ODESSA operative. In working with her new handler Alice discovers that by focusing intently on certain memories, something she can uniquely achieve, she can prevent any mind probing from discovering what she does not want known. Useful after implementation of such screening by MI5 by the beginning of 1948. Page 239