The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 237

Other MI5 locations include: A safe house at Flat 19, Rugby Mansions in a red brick 4 storey block on Bishop King’s Road, Kensington. An interrogation center known as Camp020 at Latchmere House, a plain Victorian country house enclosed by a wooden fence and a double row of barbed wire, situated adjacent to Ham Common Woodland next to Richmond Royal Park in south west London. The Ellen Hunt employment agency in Marylebone that is used as a front for MI5 to place staff in foreign embassies. MI5 uses what they like to think of as “clever” pseudonyms for agent cover names, such as Prussian Bunny and Wiffle Piffle, unlike the SIS, who obviously lacking imagination, simply use 5-digit codes. Page 237