The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 236

Security Service (MI5) The British Security Service, more commonly known as MI5, is headed by Dick White, who was promoted to Director General in February 1947 after the retirement of David Petrie from the position and Kenneth Strong’s appointment to lead the newly formed Empire Defense Directorate (EDD). Beyond responsibility for all imperial intelligence MI5 continues counter-espionage activities which now also includes pre-Rip allies such as the United States who now look for opportunities to exploit from the considerable resources that lie within the British Empire. MI5 has grown from almost 900 just before the Rip to almost 2000 Empire wide by 1950. The largest group of personnel is based out of headquarters at Blenheim Palace, and is organized by Branch: A B C D E F P Branch Branch Branch Branch Branch Branch Branch – – – – – – – Technical Support Personnel and Establishments Protective Security Counter-Espionage Counter-Subversion in the Empire Counter-Subversion at home Psycrafter Operations E and F Branches are responsible for planned responses to the potential terrorist threat of NecroMech release within a British population center. Page 236