The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 234

Ann Pinkerton Science “Whiz” Born December 28 th , 1931 in New York Height 5’5” Weight 120lbs Dark brown hair Energy Adept (Rank 1) Incendiary Touch Molecular Agitation Abnormal Adhesion Kinetic Barrier Intellect 8 Wisdom 7 Willpower 7 Strength 6 Constitution 6 Dexterity 7 Charisma 6 Perception 7 Force Majeure 5 Expert Skills Chemistry Professional Skills Forensic Science Amateur Skills Investigation Novice Skills Acting Preferred Weapon(s) Unarmed. Motivation (Morality) Driven to discover new ways of doing things. (Moral) Background Identified as a child prodigy Ann begins her graduate studies age 16 at MIT but soon returns to work in the Pinkerton laboratories. The reasons for leaving MIT have never been disclosed. Page 234