The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 233

Pinkerton Up until his daughter’s 18th birthday, December 1949, Robert Pinkerton II had been willing to accept the U.S. registration requirement for Psycrafters despite feeling it unjust. But in January 1950 things change as Ann exhibits psychic abilities for the first time, making her one of the youngest Psycrafters ever. Perhaps a function of her genius level IQ that had allowed her to work, some say “brilliantly”, in the Pinkerton forensic laboratory from age 16 on. Robert, not wanting his daughter to register, begins a change in the Pinkerton private security guard and detective agency to one that covertly has a proactive Psycrafter- friendly employment and client policy. And although now headquartered in New Jersey Robert also establishes a forensic research group, for whom Ann begins working, in the original Pinkerton Chicago office. This despite the brutal cold there... who in their right mind would want to visit Chicago these days! In addition to U.S. operations several Pinkerton agents also operate surreptitiously in London and have gained a reputation with the local police for “sticking their noses in” during any on-going jewel thief investigation. Page 233