The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 232

Grégoire has a broken heart tattoo separated by a falling bomb and flanked by angel wings across his chest. Josephine Baker , joins the on-stage cast at Alchimie Noir in January 1950. Her time as an agent of the Deuxième Bureau, French military intelligence, as well as a long list of contacts in North Africa and a large contingent of U.S.- based admirers, make her an [[XXH\]XY[YH™\]H\XوXXX[]K]\[[ܙY]\[HX[YH[[X][HX]XZ[Y]XY[YH[H^H\H[\\[ۛ\X[Y[]K\[H\]\[[HXX\]]][H][HوH]\X[HۈH[YHو\\\Y\KH[Z[\و\Z\\XY\˂YH