The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 230

Helen Martin , a Brooklyn (Bar Maids Local 101) transplant and very attractive lead bartender who also happens to be a Qi Master . Helen has a tattoo of a heart that incorporates a treble cleft adorning her right wrist. Her fiancée, a musician but also a Psycrafter, disappeared after a performance at the club where she was tending bar. Apparently whisked away by 3 men in suits driving a black 1948 Chrysler New Yorker. Not soon after Helen heads for London. Rock Martin , Helen’s older brother and ex-6th Armored Division Sergeant first class, now a club chauffeur for hire. A non-Psycrafter who sees it as his sole purpose to protect his sister that included securing passage to London for them both through his old military contacts. Rock has a heart wrapped in barbed wire tattooed across his right shoulder blade in recognition of his “best friend” lost December 1944 during the battle for Bastogne. He carries his friend’s insignia badge always. Tom Harrison , civil servant and Order mole at the Ministry of Defense who is also an Energy Adept . He has a simple heart tattooed on his left shoulder to commemorate his sister, a nurse stationed at Porton Down, who was killed in 1948 by a German POW Psycrafter undergoing “examination”. Pierre Orrion , ex French resistance fighter and dear friend of Madame “G” from Paris, now working as a waiter at her club. His unique non-Psycrafter skills with make-up and document forgery make him indispensable. A heart with 3 bullet holes, one for each of his brothers executed by the Nazis, is tattooed on his chest over his own heart. Page 230