The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 229

In 1943 Madame “G” has gained somewhat of an underground notoriety and is contacted by members of SOE F Section to aid and abet in their endeavors to undermine the German occupation in preparation of the Allied invasion. Shortly after D Day she disappears from any official SOE scrutiny and secretly relocates back to London where her identity as Madame “G” is born, her original name and history known to no one. Despite a considerable amassed wealth in gems Madame “G” re-launches her night time career as a jewel thief and keeps to the shadowy criminal underworld of London. And with the discovery and utilization of her Shadow Weaver psychic talents her success knows no bounds. Her signature outfit a black cat suit following the 1938 Dali and Schiaparelli designed Skeleton Dress but with the crepe replaced by leather and the cotton wadding used to imitate protruding bones replaced with strong fiberglass- based laminate; the latter based on the Doron Plate used by the United States military as personal body armor. Bombed in March 1941 the Café de Paris nightclub in London’s West End beside Leicester Square on Coventry Street, Piccadilly remains vacant until purchased by Madame “G” in May 1946. Ultimately, the base of operations for her L'Ordre des Coeurs Sombres (The Order of Dark Hearts), a group of like-minded Psycrafters who fight against the injustice and persecution, so reminiscent of Madame “G”’s days in Nazi- occupied Paris, albeit now aimed at those gifted with psychic talent. However, a combination of ruthless tactics in defending their own and self-preservation through material as well as information acquisition falls firmly outside the law. This earns the group a reputation, to those [Hۛ'KوZ[XHX]Z\H]]\]\]Y[ۙH[[^H܈[YY \ݙ\\[ \XZ[Y]܈[XKHܜ[H[[ZYB\\\]YHXYX\]\\YۙYH[\\HHH][[KX^\[H]YH]ܜH[\[܈\Y[[[ܛ\ˈH][\™[[YHHܚ[\H HZ[[\][ۈH\\Yۙ\^\[\\“XY[YH8''H][^\[ݘ]]H][ ]ۙHY\[[]X[\][[BX\]Y\YHX\\]HH[H[[[XX[H܈\]ۜˈH\[\œ\[HY[]]HX\HY]\X\X\[[[ۙH[\[\\X\Y[\\\Y]Z\ۈX܈[X[H[[X\\\B[[۞[Z]H\Hܙ\وH^HY XY[YH8''H\Y[X[HY[YH[YHܜو\X]]œ\]YH\[\\ \Y[\[[HY[܈ۙ۝][ۈؙ\[^H\[^\[ۋH[HY[\[Y\]Y[HˈH[][ۜ\][XH\[ؙ\][XY[YH8''H[X۞KZ[Y[ZHۚYH]H[^\\Y\[Z]\ܙ][HY[[XY[YH8''H[H\]YZY[HX[\H\܈ؙ\ \Y[H\[Z[X\][YHZX[[\\\]۝X8'XX™[\'H\[\\H[ZY\XYوHX[ۋ[[\[\[ۂYZ\\BYH