The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 227

To the right of the stage is the main bar behind which is the liquor storeroom. This room is locked always. Only Madame “G” and her head bartender Helen, also a member of the Order of Dark Hearts, have keys. In an emergency, a secret trapdoor located under a swiveling cabinet allows access to the basement level below. The only other access to the basement is through Madame “G”’s office, again through a secret door hidden behind her trophy display case and opened via a combination of triggers built into her desk. Alchimie Noir, for those in the know, is the place to go, not only to experience racy can-can inspired burlesque entertainment with headline dancer Louise Brooks, but also to dispose of, or acquire, a particularly “special” item. Led by founder Madame “G” the other members of the Order of Dark Hearts are a very eclectic bunch but what they do have in common is a tattoo somewhere on their body that symbolizes their own “dark heart”. Page 227