The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 226

Order of Dark Hearts The Order of Dark Hearts (or L’Ordre des Coeurs Sombres) is a small group of like-minded Psycrafters and their close confederates whose primary goal above all else is self-preservation. This can often mean resorting to less than savory deeds. The base of operations is their founder’s Alchimie Noir nightclub located at 3 Coventry Street. A solid four-story masonry building that was rebuilt after its bombing on March 8th, 1941 by two Luftmine A 1100lb parachute mines that came through the roof straight onto the dance floor then located in the basement. The new main floor is still vaulted to the entire height of the building but at ground level rather than at basement level. Both the original basement and new partial sub-basement are sectioned off from access by the public. A secret tunnel provides access to the subterranean Piccadilly Line between Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square. The bandstand stage is raised from the wooden dance floor with sweeping staircases on either side that wrap around to the balcony that forms a horseshoe facing the stage. The area directly in front of the stage is left clear (for dancing) while the remainder is filled with dining tables. Surrounded by a balcony on 3 sides supported by pillars from floor to balcony and from balcony to ceiling. The entire publicly accessible building has opulent décor in stark contrast to the rest of London just outside its doors. Page 226