The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 225

Background The ever-mysterious “Broker” uses the company BUYING&RESEARCH SYNDICATE INC, 991 6 Avenue, Manhattan (Tel: LA4-7270) as a front for those in the know to make contact; the ace of spades, included in a full deck of playing cards, is used as a “calling card”. Most think the Broker is a man. A misnomer she is happy to propagate. Older sister to “Penelope Lake” only sketchy pieces of her background are known, some true some not: - Parents killed during the quakes of ’45. - Worked in an ordnance factory from which she purloined large quantities of munitions; the seed for a career in illicit weapons and ammunition sales. - Ruthless in the face of opposition. - Reputation for acquiring just about anything for the right price. - Meta-engineered weaponry expert. - Card gambler. - Major shareholder of Spade Consolidated Industries (SCI). Page 225