The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 222

Penelope Lake OSS Secretary to Director Donovan Born September 2nd, 1925 in Los Angeles Height 5’7” Weight 115lbs, svelte Brunette bombshell! Shadow Weaver (Rank 7) Non-detection*, Mind Fog*, Bastion of Thought* Alter Self, Misperception Inflict Pain, Phantom Claws Aversion Night Crawler Message, Return-to-Sender *Specialization Talents Intellect 7 Wisdom 6 Willpower 6 Strength 5 Constitution 5 Dexterity 6 Charisma 9 Perception 8 Force Majeure 7 Expert Skills Forgery Lock Picking Seduction Deception Professional Skills Safe Cracking Observation Handgun Amateur Skills Art History Novice Skills Swimming Acting Preferred Weapon(s) Custom FP-45 Liberator Motivation (Morality) Do whatever it takes. Unlucky for them they will never see it coming! (Immoral) Background Penelope Lake is not real. Of the woman playing this role little is known beyond she has an older sister and her parents were killed in the post-Rip West Coast earthquakes. Gorgeous on the outside but evil to the core on the inside. Still in her early-20’s Penelope has used her wiles to climb the administration ladder at the OSS to become secretary to Director Donovan. Page 222