The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 221

After crossing the beachhead at Remagen in March 1945 Stonegarden’s unit encounters a German truck convoy on their way to Paderborn. Only one of the trucks manages to evade capture. Unfortunate for Gordon Ashton who is being moved from Bocholt to Wewelsburg, 12 miles from Paderborn, on that very same truck. Freed prisoners only know they were being transferred somewhere but one of the German officers killed is carrying papers indicating that the truck he is on, along with half a dozen prisoners, is bound for “medical examination” at the Kaiser-Wilhelm Institute of Brain Research (KWIBR) in Berlin-Buch. Stonegarden reports in and is then ordered, under the auspices of the OSS, to take his men and make their way to the site North East of Berlin and investigate further. However, by the time he gets there the Institute is under Russian occupation. With no other option Stonegarden falls back to the Allied sector of Berlin. By early June Stonegarden receives his formal transfer to the OSS and accompanying orders to build a select team to undertake “special operations” in Berlin. Despite now reporting in to the OSS Stonegarden considers himself an “army man” first and foremost. One that takes direct action. No sneaky stuff as he puts it. His superiors take to calling him the “Hammer”, and on hearing it Stonegarden nicknames his own men the “Nails”. With the call for the U.S. to abandon Berlin in January 1946 the Hammer and his Nails are tasked with going back to the KWIBR to retrieve whatever research, and possibly scientists, they can; all intelligence pointing to some form of psychic experimentation. No official details of the operation exist, however, back stateside there are 4 less Nails and Stonegarden despises all Psycrafters. By 1949 Stonegarden and his team have become the most successful X-3 tactical team by tracking and bagging every Psycrafter they have been assigned as target. But it is not until now that a potential suspect involved in the Hoover and Tolson’s killings has been put in their cross-hairs. The so-called “Broker”. But the winning streak ends abruptly when the operation goes sideways, and Stonegarden’s right-hand man and best friend is also killed. A death that Stonegarden firmly lays at the feet of The Broker. This failure and loss turning to abject hatred and a fixation to have The Broker atone. However, unknown to Stonegarden, The Broker, wishing to avoid further OSS attention as well as seeing opportunity for gain, provides, through intermediaries, compelling intelligence in the form of ODESSA weapon schematics to European Section Chief William J. Casey in Paris. What Stonegarden does know, to his complete disbelief, is that in January 1950 he is given strict orders that The Broker is now off limits. Unwilling to let it drop Stonegarden undertakes his own off-the-books pursuit. Knowing that she is officially untouchable by the OSS, The Broker takes eve