The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 220

Wesley Stonegarden OSS X-3 “Nails” Team Leader, Nickname “The Hammer” Born April 23rd, 1919 in Montpelier, Vermont Height 5’10” Weight 190lbs, sturdily built Short brown hair Always clean shaven Stern, never smiles Heavy smoker Non-Psycrafter Intellect 5 Wisdom 5 Willpower 7 Strength 6 Constitution 6 Dexterity 5 Charisma 5 Perception 7 Force Majeure 6 Expert Skills Handgun Shotgun Interrogation Professional Skills Car/Truck Amateur Skills Radio Operator Novice Skills Psychic Phenomena Preferred Weapon(s) Plain, well-worn, Colt M1911. Motivation (Morality) Pursue “evil” and above all else protect his men and women. (Moral) Background Harry Faversham, the hero from A. E. W. Mason’s book The Four Feathers, is an inspiration to a young Wesley. Determined to enter the army and measure up to his ideal of “quiet bravery” he is accepted into West Point, graduates in 1941 as Second Lieutenant, and immediately joins the 1 st Infantry Division, nicknamed the "The Big Red One"[(or BRO for short). It is a bright, vigorous Wesley who leaves October 1942 for combat in the amphibious assault of North Africa, but a bitter, dour, Stonegarden who returns to briefly visit his parents and sister for Christmas just over a year later; a name now much more apropos. Stonegarden returns to England in preparation for the coming Allied invasion of Europe. Page 220