The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 22

The other members of the Allied forces seeing no direct benefit from re-building a ruined Germany or a continued threat from the Soviet Union start a comprehensive withdrawal. The Allied Control Council, representing the United States, Britain, France, and the Soviet Union, which assumed governmental authority in postwar Germany is dissolved. Germany falls into complete ruin and chaos. War crime trials are abandoned and prominent Nazi’s in custody are executed. In Britain it is MI5, with the infrastructure already in place, is made responsible for tracking and maintaining a Registry on all resident Psycrafters. Reacting to this the U.S., specifically the FBI, not only starts monitoring but also enforces newly enacted legislation requiring that all Psycrafters must register. Britain as more Psycrafter-friendly sees an influx of Psycrafters from both the U.S. and the former Soviet Union. Anecdotal reports from China, however, suggest that Psycrafters are being revered as devas (in the Buddhist sense) now taking physical form. The complete takeover of Korea by the surviving Japanese results in the birth of “New Japan”, although inhabitants occupy mostly the central third of the country and are in constant conflict with the Republic of China over the bordering regions of Manchuria. Existing Russian espionage operations across the world see the beginning of their end. As an ex-lawyer familiar with the legal workings of New York and as director of the Special Intelligence Section that deployed covert agents to Latin America, Jerome Doyle, is made Director of the FBI after the assassination of both J. Edgar Hoover and his Associate Director Clyde Tolson in what are rumored to be compromising circumstances. The exact details of this February 1946 brutal double murder are never made public beyond intimation of the involvement of some unknown non-U.S. Psycrafters. This is not surprising after reports of the zeal with which Hoover was pursuing the psychically talented in the first weeks after the registration bill. However, confidential internal FBI investigative reports identify European perpetrators with evidence pointing to a more organized hand - either MI6, ODESSA, or perhaps both. President Taft tasks the OSS rather than the FBI themselves to track the perpetrators wherever this may lead. The result is the formation of the X-3 Counter Psycrafter Branch in March 1946 who are given the broader remit to apprehend or eliminate, by any means necessary, anywhere, those Psycrafters identified as a high threat to national security. Page 22