The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 219

The technical backbone for the OSS is provided by the Research & Development Branch, headed by chemist Stanley P. Lovell (aka “Professor Moriarty"). A focused effort is being led by Christian J. Lambertsen, famous for his Amphibious Respiratory Unit, to develop an improved Ash Field Survival (AFS) Suit. Other specialized equipment already in the field includes:         BEANO T-13 Hand Grenades that detonate on impact. Cigarettes laced with tetrahydrocannabinol acetate to make the user talkative. Wiretap gadgets. Electronic beacons for locating agents. "Joan-Eleanor" portable radio transceiver that is only 6.5" long and weighs less than one pound. A miniature camera disguised as a matchbox. A lock picking kit that when folded up resembles a small pocketknife. High Standard HDM semi-automatic pistol equipped with an integral sound suppressor. Following on from their research programs into the use of drugs such as scopolamine, opium, and mescaline to aid with interrogation the R&D Branch vigorously pursues research into other less innocuous areas, some deadly. All R&D is moved to Los Alamos after control of Psycrafter-related operations there comes under OSS jurisdiction in March 1947. Other less savory endeavor