The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 218

Office of Strategic Services The U.S. Office of Strategic Services (OSS) was established by Presidential military order issued by President Roosevelt on June 13, 1942 with a similar remit to that of the SOE, one of spying, active sabotage, and organizing trained resistance in Europe. However, this also extends to Asia where the OSS plays a major role in training Kuomintang troops in China. A relationship that develops further post- Rip, with operations in Istanbul acting as the transportation gateway and communications hub with China, the U.S. main over-land flight path to the Wastes. Colonel William Joseph Donovan, nicknamed “Wild Bill", is the Director of an organization substantially reduced from it’s heyday of almost 13,000 in 1944 to now just 2,000 operatives. It is Donovan who fights for his Psycrafter agents to be able to NOT wear the otherwise compulsory Registration Dog Tag. Key operations revolve around Istanbul and Paris. Based in the latter, European Section Chief William J. Casey, although an admirer of Donovan, is a strongly religious Roman Catholic and as a member of the Knights of Malta secretly dedicated to the eradication of all Othersiders and those viewed as “tainted” by the Otherside, in other words all NecroMechs and Psycrafters. In May 1946 a new headquarters is established on the newly rebuilt 79th and 80th floors (that were gutted after the crash into the north side by a B-25 Mitchell bomber in thick fog on July 28th, 1945) of the Empire State Building on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. A convenient location to tap into the broadcast news transmission equipment used by the TV companies located on the floors above. Page 218