The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 215

Hans Meyer ODESSA Guard, Nickname “The Weasel” Born October 15th, 1910 in Berlin, Germany Height 5’4” Weight 145lbs, slight build Nose-Twitching tic due to Pervitin drug use NecroMech (Rank 3) Freeze the Soul*, Devour Energy*, Great Bite* Grim Resolve Phantom Vitality *Specialization Talents Intellect 6 Wisdom 6 Willpower 8 Strength 5 Constitution 8 Dexterity 6 Charisma 6 Perception 6 Force Majeure 8 Expert Skills Brass Knuckles Motorbike Professional Skills Handgun Knife Interrogation Amateur Skills Demolition Surveillance Novice Skills Sprinting Preferred Weapon(s) Walther P38 Motivation (Morality) Loyalty to Dr. Kruckel who gave him the power he so desperately craves. (Immoral) Background Due to his diminutive stature Hans’s childhood years were difficult ones haunted by bullies and unsympathetic adults. Tenacious by nature, by the time he was 17, his experiences had simply made him mean and vindictive to those he thought were, or even could be, a threat. This included an eagerness to inform on classmates on any pretext, earning him the nickname “The Weasel” (Das Wiesel). A moniker that sticks. Leaving school before graduation to join the SS, Hans’s ruthless, uncaring, nature makes him a natural selection to become a concentration camp guard. It is during Hans’s tenure at Dachau that his reputation as one eager to inform on any perceived rule breaking draws the attention of Chief of the Concentration Camps Inspectorate (Inspektion der Konzentrationslager) Theodor Eicke. Needing “eyes and ears” within the rank and file guards at the newly opened Sachsenhausen Eicke personally orders Hans’s transfer there in December 1936 where he remains until early 1943. In April, Hans, feeling unprotected after his patron’s death, orchestrates his transfer with what was to be the last shipment of inmate laborers to Wewelsburg Castle. A simple enough task if you know who to shoot: Yakov Dzhugashvili, eldest son of Joseph Stalin. Under dubious circumstances but deemed a necessary act by the camp commander it was thought safer to acquiesce to a transfer request than eliminate Hans Page 215